• Millennial couples in executive roles within technology and accounting
  • Growing family of 4 with complex stock compensation plans, hefty tax bills and a desire to build a spiritually rooted, intergenerational legacy not only for their kids but also for many future generations to come
  • Previous felt “sold” products and it was refreshing for them to meet an holistic planner


  1. Clarified goals and gathered all the source documents from their employers, tax professionals and others.
  2. Explained in plain English the stock compensation plans, and tax consequences based on one company being private Canadian and the other being public US.
  3. Built a tax-optimized plan matched up to each of their specific financial goals, including proposed timelines and stock plan exercise criteria.
    Created wealth accumulation projections to set a benchmark for their legacy goals.
  4. Educated them on the fiduciary Portfolio Management options available in Canada and coordinated the selection process to find the best long-term fit.
  5. Pre-scheduled, “no-stone-left-unturned” planning check-ins put in place 3 times a year to make continuous progress and improvements.


  1. Simplified their complex financial lives into a 1-page plan that was easy for them to understand
  2. Identified and generated a $30,000 tax refund that had been missed in past year returns
  3.  Increased their probability of success in investing by 20% or more by reducing taxes and fees and ensuring the strategy matched their view of the world


    • Clear, achievable timelines and plans to meet their short, medium and long-term goals.
    • Confidence knowing they fully understand their compensation and that every tax saving and bad debt-reducing opportunity was being taken advantage of while safeguarding and growing their assets.