• Millennial Sales Manager-Owner at Chemical company & Spouse
  • Faced with a sudden transition to business ownership and immense corporate and financial complexity
  • They were looking for someone to simplify, educate and provide decision-making guidance


  1. Discussed personal values, financial attitudes and goals. Gathered all the corporate and personal financial and legal history and documents
  2. Professional analysis from our corporate reorg planning partner revealed a simpler corporate structure and family trust opportunity for estate planning. Worked with their accountant and lawyer to implement. 
  3. Cash flow planning was done to ensure a comfortable transition while they built their dream home and transitioned their current home to a rental property. 
  4. Wealth accumulation plan put in place within their holding company to optimize tax and maximize cash flow available for investments in new business acquisitions, real estate, and stocks. 
  5. Pre-scheduled, “”no-stone-left-unturned”” planning check-ins put in place 3 times a year to make continuous progress and improvements.”


  1. Ensured that over $2M (and growing) does not become immediately taxable in case of the couple’s death through the use of a family trust. 
  2. Negotiated with insurance carriers to ensure that the buy-sell agreements were funded with the proper amounts of life insurance. 
  3. A plan to build their dream home.
  4. A clear plan for wealth accumulation and protection for the over half a million of dividend income they were suddenly positioned to receive.


    • Peace of mind knowing that there’s a plan in place, options are constantly being evaluated and having one person who sees the big picture and is helping coordinate all the moving parts so everything is always in-sync