Hi, I am Shyam.

An engineer by training, I was drawn to entrepreneurship and finance after eight years of volunteering with Engineers Without Borders, including four months on the ground in West Africa. My biggest realization was that there is no better way to alleviate poverty and create sustainable wealth than entrepreneurship. Business innovation employs people and disproportionately changes lives.

At the same time, I realized that financial systems are complex and confusing, with few institutions enabling holistic financial education. A fragmented system of banking, lending, investing, insurance and tax – without a strategic plan to coordinate them – leads to many missed opportunities, reducing entrepreneurs’ impact on the world.

Grow Your Wealth Financial Planning was created to provide independent, unbiased, and fiduciary advice to a handful of like-minded millennial entrepreneurs and their families.

Inspired by my partner (Anusha) and my loving (and quirky) extended family across the globe, I am passionate about racquet sports (primarily badminton), weightlifting, snowboarding, spending time in nature (especially the mountains), exploring coffee roasters and vegetarian restaurants of every cuisine, and being a kid again with my toddler daughter.

I am looking forward to working with you.

Shyam Ganesh,