Our Founder

Shyam Ganesh

Certified Financial Planner®

Immigrating to Canada with his parents when he was just 14, Shyam Ganesh saw firsthand the overwhelming complexity of the Canadian financial system. He learned that few institutions were set up to holistically educate and help navigate his family to take advantage of all the available benefits. A fragmented system of banking, lending, investing, insurance and tax – without a strategic plan to coordinate them – led to many missed opportunities. Fortunately, his parents were able to do an exceptional job of saving and provided both Shyam and his brother the opportunity to attend university while also taking care of their futures, but he sees now how much more would have been possible with the right guidance.

Financial Planner

Shyam has made it his personal mission that no Canadian family should miss life’s opportunities because of a lack of understanding or awareness of financial literacy. Simple improvements can make such a difference over the long-term and he truly believes in equal opportunities for everyone. As a Certified Financial Planner, he has a particular expertise in cash flow planning, retirement income planning, investment planning (including stocks, real estate and private equity), tax planning and risk management & estate planning. He particularly enjoys working with business owners who have both additional complexity and greater planning opportunities.

Thought Leader

Awarded his Degree in Integrated Engineering, Shyam approaches problems with outside the box thinking to find solutions, even to the most challenging of situations. He is obsessed with operational efficiency and matching the right technology with the right team to make businesses flow smoothly. He focuses on helping entrepreneurs build businesses with quantifiable, saleable value.

Merging his passion for financial services and business operations, Shyam created the “Business of a Financial Advisory Practice Podcast” to bring Canadian financial advisors innovative knowledge from top colleagues and professionals across the country. The more effective advisors are at growing and operating high value businesses, the more Canadians get the financial advice they need.


Shyam is passionate about philanthropy and has volunteered in poverty alleviation with Engineers Without Borders for 8 years, including four months in West Africa. He is confident that the best way for him to make change in the world is through creating impactful businesses and supporting entrepreneurs. He is an accomplished speaker, networker and is inspired by his beautiful wife, Anusha, and daughter, Vaanya. Shyam is also an avid snowboarder, talented chess player and aspiring hip-hop dancer! Finding solutions for his clients’ challenging financial problems is what drives him every day and what puts a smile on his face.

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