Yes, your wealth is confidently at work
for you.

Yes, your wealth is confidently at work
for you.

At Grow Your Wealth Financial Planning,

We understand that managing wealth can be a complex task. That’s why we go beyond financial oversight – we become your trusted partners in guiding you through this journey. With a personalized and objective approach, we offer insights that keep your finances transparent, enabling you to make informed decisions confidently.

Everyone deserves a personal CFO, which is why we coordinate and build your entire financial team so you can remain organized and empowered. Let us help you navigate the complexities of wealth, and together, we can achieve your financial goals.

Who you are

Dynamic Millennial Entrepreneur. Complex Financial Journeys.

You are a dynamic entrepreneur frustrated with financial administration, a patchwork of specialists and an unfulfilled desire for complete confidence that your Total Wealth is working for you.

You are looking for a trusted advisor – your personal CFO – to bridge the gap between the endless strategies available and the most effective pathway to your specific goals.

What we do

At Grow Your Wealth Financial Planning, we lead you and your team of specialists in crafting and implementing your Total Wealth plan. From managing cash flow to minimizing tax, transferring risk and maximizing asset opportunities, we provide frank, unbiased advice.

Why work with us

Frank, unbiased financial advocacy and leadership, for dynamic, values-driven entrepreneurs like us.


We put your interest above all else. It drives us crazy that this isn’t a requirement for all financial advisors in Canada, and we will continue to lobby the government to improve standards.


We recognize that we will never be the expert in everything, and instead, we leverage our vast network to build and manage your custom ALL-STAR team of financial specialists.

Entrepreneurial Community

We are not a stuffy corporate entity; we’re independent entrepreneurs like you. We like hanging out with people who think outside the box, and that’s the community we’re building.

Aligned to your Interest

By lining up our fees with your net worth, we are 100% committed to ALL the aspects of your wealth accumulation journey, not just real estate, stocks, insurance or whatever specific asset type pays us.


We are visionaries who believe that every aspect of life should bring joy. But don’t expect that we will sugarcoat feedback – our clients expect us to provide respectful, constructive and timely advice.