Our Ideal Client

Clients we are positioned to serve best have the following qualities:

They are a financial delegator

Our community of clients appreciate, and are happy to follow, the advice of a team of financial experts coordinated by a single Trusted Advisor.

They are passionate about goals

Our clients realize that achieving their goals requires both money and planning. Our community of Ideal Clients appreciates our commitment to pay close attention to all the financial details and proactively recommend the inevitable course corrections, as required, several times each year.

They enjoy simplicity

Our clients enjoy the simplicity, freedom, and peace of mind that come from having all of their financial assets under the watchful eye of a single, Trusted Advisor who provides oversight, and coordinates all personal financial affairs.

They Value our work together

Our clients appreciate advice and guidance. Due to the high level of client interaction and attention we offer, our services make sense for families who have accumulated a net worth of between $2,000,000 and $10,000,000 not including the value of their home.

They focus on what's important

Our clients delegate financial matters so they can focus their valuable time and energy on the things in their life that are most important to them. Our community of Ideal Clients appreciates discussions geared toward how to make their money work FOR them, so that they can live their best lives and support the people and organizations that they love most.

They appreciate the candid truth

Our clients want to hear the truth from us regarding their financial situation, no matter what. Our clients rely upon and expect complete transparency from their advisor. 

Please note that once we have a community of one hundred clients who meet this profile, we will not be accepting any new clients.