• Are you an independent financial planner who is sick of being responsible for every part of the business from technology to finance, marketing, sales, planning, insurance and investments? 
  • Or maybe you’re at a large firm where you feel that your hands are tied and that your clients are not getting the planning they need because your compensation and goals are tied to product sales?
  • Are you a tech savvy team player who is obsessed with providing clients with a high touch service experience (while everyone else is trying to make consumers DIY their way through everything)? 
  • Do you believe that one person can’t do it all so having a badass, like-minded yet diverse team would be awesome?
  • And are you the type of person who won’t take a job unless it makes you feel like a rock star for the difference you’re making in people’s lives? 
  • If you answered yes to ALL of these questions, read on. (If not, don’t waste your time.)
About Us

Grow Your Wealth Financial Planning is a modern financial services company that provides comprehensive financial planning to Canadian families. We give a damn. We don’t sell products and disappear. We are designed to provide our clients with the most valuable commodity on the planet today – TIME. We spend as much time as it takes to help our clients understand every aspect of their finances. From basic cash flow planning and paying down debt, to complex retirement, tax, investment, insurance, estate and corporate planning – we go end to end and leave no stone unturned. 

Our clients are no longer afraid of their finances, they are well informed and confident in the decisions they make. Finance is an area of pride not one of shame or discomfort. They are excited to take advantage of opportunities that present themselves, not continuing to wish they could. 

Our clients are raving fans, and never stop working to improve their lives.

What the Role is NOT
  • You will not be required to handle all the paperwork end to end. We have a team for that.
  • You will not be required to schedule all your own meetings. We have a team for that.
  • You will not be required to handle paperwork around ongoing servicing enquiries.
About The Role
  • All meetings, internal and client-facing, will be 100% virtual via Zoom or Google Meet
  • You are welcome to work from home anywhere in Canada at your convenience.
Working with the Team
  • As a Financial Planner, you will provide leadership on complex Financial Planning cases. 
  • You enjoy following a systematic process that has been refined to provide an exceptional experience to clients while allowing you to delegate from the mundane. 
  • You are excited to learn and then build/improve the system for the team’s good, not re-create a new system or do things your own separate way such that there is no longer consistency and flow in the system.
  • You will work closely with the entire *virtual* financial planning team, including our dedicated financial planning, insurance and investment assistants, and the administrative/scheduling team.
  • You must be exceptionally strong at documenting meeting notes, advisory notes, and updating any information that is pertinent to allowing us to deliver an exceptional client experience or may be required to safeguard our professional reputation.
Working with Clients
  • You will build high trust, high engagement relationships with clients in order to comfortably and effectively guide them through the planning process, providing them the education and recommendations they need to make decisions confidently, and supporting them through the steps to implement our recommendations such that they experience tangible results
  • You must be technically adept at doing detailed financial analysis while asking clients for just the right amount of information required (not more, not less)
  • You will work with the most advanced technology tools available in Canada today deliver a visual planning experience
  • All insurance business will be done Non-Face-to-Face, meaning you must follow all insurer protocols to maintain the integrity of the planning process, including any referrals and sales
  • You will always avoid or disclose conflicts of interest, and provide unbiased advice in the best interest of the client regardless of the impact on compensation or otherwise
  • Must be a Certified Financial Planner or actively en route to obtaining the designation (having a minimum of half the required courses or the QAFP already completed)
  • You have a Bachelor’s degree (post-graduate diploma or degrees are great to have)
  • You are fully life licensed in Alberta, BC or Ontario (we’ll get you licensed in the other 2 provinces)
  • You are committed to ongoing training and development (demonstrated by the acquisition or registration in designation programs such as the CHS, CLU, CEA, TEP etc. or specializations in related fields such as Law, Accounting, Taxation etc.)
  • You have at least 3 years of financial planning experience (more than 2 out of 6 competency areas as per FP Canada) 
  • You have at least 5 years of product experience i.e. as a registered investment advisor or licensed insurance broker
  • Demonstrated experience and comfort doing business non-face-to-face and specifically using video conferencing and screen sharing applications
  • Are you a licensed life insurance assistant or broker who is sick of prospecting, paperwork and working alone? 

How to Apply

1. Send an email to

2. Include no more than 5 sentences in the email telling us why you’re a good fit for our firm

3. Provide a link to your well-written LinkedIn profile (attach a resume only if you don’t have this)