The KAIZEN Financial Planning Process™


Your Wealth Protection Plan™ will help you to use, preserve and transfer the value of your estate with the utmost efficiency and the least possible loss through taxes.

Your Wealth Protection Plan™ begins with a review of your Will and Powers of Attorney to ensure that these documents are up to date. We also calculate an estimate of your “hidden” tax liability, which will be owed to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) as a result of the deemed disposition of your assets when you die. A Wealth Protection Plan™ can prevent this erosion of value from taking place by transferring tax-exposed investments into a legal, government approved, tax-sheltered investment account within a sophisticated Universal Life Insurance Policy. Using this method, your investments will remain available to you throughout your lifetime on a tax-free basis to help fund your retirement and estate planning goals.

Generally, the taxes and expenses you must pay on death increase, in many cases dramatically, as you build net worth over time. We provide you with visual representation of how the value of your estate will be affected over time in the event of your death as a result of these taxes and expenses.

With The Wealth Protection Plan™ you’ll have complete confidence that your assets are protected, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your beneficiaries will receive the inheritance you intended.